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Starting from identifying your goals and objectives of exiting your business, all the way to implementing the plan, we organize and manage every aspect of the process.  Exit planning requires the coordinated efforts of several advisors – minimally a CPA, Attorney, Business Valuator, and Financial or Insurance professionals. Skilled advisors in Succession planning can help you to achieve your goals.

  • Maximize our Value
  • Minimize your Risk
  • Stay in Control
  • Exit on your Own Terms
  • Protect your Assets
  • Ensure Business Continuity

Chris and Paulina Hadjiyianni

Certified Exit Planners

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Our Mission

To Help Business Owners Successfully Exit Their Business, Smoothly and Efficiently.

Our Vision

For Business Owners To Have A Exit Plan In Place so They Are Prepared To Exit Their Business on their own Terms.

Our Strategies

Our 7-Step Plan Puts You In Control and Allows You to Exit Successfully

80 %

of business owners believe that a successful exit will result from careful planning

75 %

of business owners would exit today if their financial security were assured

17 %

of business owners have put their plans in writing

38 %

of business owners have done nothing at all