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Business Exit Strategies Overview

Any business owner who wants an orderly, financially sound, and tax-efficient exit from his or her business needs an Exit Plan

Exit Planning is a holistic approach to designing a strategy that will allow you to receive maximum value for your life’s work after exiting your business. It encompasses setting Exit Objectives (e.g., when do you want to leave, to whom will you sell the business), pulling together a team of Trusted Advisors (e.g., CPA, attorney, financial advisor), and writing down each aspect of the transition sequence.

An integral part of the planning process is the creation of a Business Owner Road Map. The Business Owner Road Map is:

  • A written document that can be reviewed and modified as your circumstances change.
  • A comprehensive list of Recommendations that is personalized to your unique situation.
  • A template that your Advisor Team can use to build a unique Exit Plan centered on your wants and needs.

The Business Owner Road Map is a comprehensive, written document. It lists specific steps, in the form of Recommendations, that you should take to exit your business in the most efficient and risk-free manner possible. The Business Owner Road Map is the culmination of an intensive discovery process, which includes learning your goals and objectives, thoroughly valuating your business, increasing the value of your business, and performing an in-depth review (and/or redesign) of any existing estate plans.