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Starting from identifying the objects of your exit, all the way to implementing the plan, we organize and manage every aspect the process. Exit Planning requires the coordinated efforts of several advisors – minimally a CPA, attorney, and financial or insurance professional. Working together as your advisory team, advisors skilled in exit planning can help you to achieve your exit goals.

  • Exit your business
  • Maximize your profit
  • Manage every aspect
  • Achieve your exit goals
  • Minimize the hassle
  • Identify the objects

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Why Choose Business Exit Planners for Your Exit Planning

Our Mission

To Help Business Owners Successfully Exit Their Business, Smoothly and Efficiently.

Our Vision

For Business Owners To Have A Exit Plan In Place To They Are Prepared To Exit Their Business.

Our Strategies

Our 7-Step Plan Put You First, And Allows Any Type Of Business Owner To Plan Their Exit Or Shift Financial Profit Accordingly

Our Purpose

We Work To Identify Your Goals. Our System Works Because It Is A Customizable Process That Takes You To The Successful Outcome You Desire.


Various Solutions to
Exit Your Business

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Seven Step To Exit Planning Process

Your Exit Objectives
Tests your objectives so that your Exit Plan works to achieve your goals.
Business & Personal Financial Resources
Business worth today and business currently cash flow.
Building and Preserving Business Value
Protect and preserve the existing value by minimizing income taxes.
Selling Your Company To A Third-Party
Minimize Taxes and Maximize the sale price.
Transfering Your Ownership To Insiders
Receive the money from your business, minimize the risk of non-payment
Business Continuity
Make sure your business goals are met.
Personal Wealth And Estate Planning
Your family receives annual income necessary to satisfy the financial security.

80 %

of business owners believe that a successful exit will result from careful planning

75 %

of business owners would exit today if their financial security were assured

17 %

of business owners have put their plans in writing

38 %

of business owners have done nothing at all

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We ensure when the time comes, your business exit plan is prepared to exit your business.